Many Asian mothers are forced to endure confinement. This is a time that is crucial for their recovery. Mothers must eat healthy confinement foods to increase their immunity and recover. How nutritious is confinement food and how can it aid in recovery after childbirth?
There are three stages of confinement in Chinese culture. Each stage helps a mother to recover from various bodily issues and strengthen her body.

Stage 1 – Uterus Healing & Wound Healing
Every woman who gives birth to a child will experience blood loss. The uterus can continue to bleed even after birth until it shrinks back to its original size. Vaginal tears, blood clots, and other injuries that may have occurred during birth can also cause pain for the mother. It is crucial that you heal your wounds, increase blood circulation, and discharge as soon as you give birth to minimize diastasisrecti.
To replenish blood loss and promote wound healing, mothers should eat protein-rich maternity food. These food items include multi-grain porridge and dang heng tea. Sheng Hua soup is also available. Rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, herbs such as Schisandra Berries can help with healing and postpartum bleeding.

Stage 2 – Digestive Wellbeing & Tissue Repair
The baby will make 50% more blood in a woman’s body than she does during pregnancy. Fluid buildup can occur if not all of the blood is excised upon delivery. Mothers must strengthen their digestive system during this time by eating maternity food to flush out excess fluids and repair tissue.
New mothers should eat pork loin, pig’s feet, ginger, and sesame oil. This is a great time to eat herbs like ginseng root or moringa. After the bleeding stops, ginseng root can replenish energy. Moringa is rich in nutrients and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Stage 3: Strengthen Physique & Nourish Body
The final stage of confinement is focused on strengthening your body and improving your immune system. You will be able to regain your vitality and fight premature aging by eating good confinement food meal.
Mothers might feel tired and experience muscle strain in the abdomen. This stage is about improving blood circulation, keeping your body warm, and feeding your body essential nutrients.
You should eat vegetables, fruits, legumes, lotus seeds, and dried longan. Red date tea, red angelica root, and wolfberries can all be used to promote blood circulation and Qi.
Mothers who are in confinement for a prolonged period of time can be very vulnerable. It is important to take care of yourself so that you can continue to provide for your child, and then to get back to work. It can be difficult to cook a healthy meal while caring for infants. ACM can help you with this.

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